ENAS is Launching Accreditation of Medical Laboratories Program


​​​​​​​​As part of the Emirates National Accreditation System(ENAS) efforts of to achieve its vision and mission on the quality, control and implementation of health services, ENAS is launching the Accreditation of Medical Laboratories Program according to international standard ISO 15189  - requirements for quality and competence in medical laboratories, due to the importance of the medical examination results within the health care system and its direct impact on the decisions related to the patient .​


Accordingly, ESMA/ ENAS, has begun the cooperation with its partners to build a local database of technical assessors and experts working in the medical laboratory sector, where advanced technical training programs will be provided to qualify them in accordance with the latest international practices in preparation for the implementation of the assessments and audits in accordance with the requirements of ENAS and the international standard.

To Join ENAS Team, kindly fill the application and send to ENAS:customercare@enas.gov.ae